How to add your home and shop addresses to Google Maps for easy identification

How to add your home and shop addresses to Google Maps for easy identification

Nowadays, with the proliferation of digital activities, more and more people are shopping online, either through e-commerce or through Kozak or Grop.

Additionally, more and more people are selling online from home, selling food, and other items.

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To ensure that your ordered items don’t arrive quickly and get lost, of course, you need an address that can be easily entered and approved.

The seller’s address should be easy to find online Google Maps Very popular as a location identifier.

With Google Maps, Internet users can easily find places such as home addresses, malls, hotels, cafes, restaurants and more.

So far, we can easily identify a place based on important buildings around the terminal, mosque, sub-district, cafe and more.

So, what if you wanted to add your own address to Google Maps?

It turns out easy, but not many people know it. Let’s go to the next page to learn how.

The method is also simple, namely through the option “Add a place”.

So here’s how to add a new location to the Google Maps app on iOS and Android or via a PC on the Google Maps website.

How to add a new location on Google Maps Android and iOS

1. Open the Google Maps app on the Android / iOS device and select Contribute.

2. Select Edit Map> Add or Replace Places> Add Missing Place.

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3. Another way is to select “Add space” or “Add space”.

4. Enter the location data you want to add, such as name, type, location address, runtime, contact, website, and photo. Then send it.

5. Waiting for the next process. Now if Google authenticates, you will receive a confirmation email from Google.

How to add a new location to Google Maps via a browser

Another way to add a new location is via the browser-open Google Maps website.

1. Open a browser on your computer and type the address

2. Find the address you want to add and right click on the red pin icon.

3. Select the place to add and enter the location information you want to add such as name, type, location, operation time, contact, website and photo.

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4. Google will then verify the information provided and send you an email with the status of the proposed location additions.

5. If Google agrees, new locations added will be known to anyone on the Internet.

6. Users Google Maps Others can find a new location within 24 hours.

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