How to change your Apple Watch password

How to change your Apple Watch password

Having trouble remembering your current password on your Apple Watch? Or maybe it seems to you that someone spied on it? Or maybe you just prefer to change your password regularly to protect yourself. Either way, changing your Apple Watch password is very easy.


The first time you set up your Apple Watch with your iPhone, you need to choose a 4-digit password for it. Not everyone knows how to change it later. We will tell you how this is done.

How to change your Apple Watch password

  1. Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to open the home screen. Select the Settings app.


  1. Scroll down and select Password.


  1. Here you can disable or change the password. Click “change password”.


  1. Enter your current password.


  1. Now enter your new password. Confirm it again.


That’s it, the process is so simple! Now you can change the password on your Apple Watch at any time. You can also change your smartwatch password using your iPhone. The steps are identical, but you still need your Apple Watch to enter a new password.

By default, Apple Watch uses a 4-digit password, which is not the most secure. That is why it is worth changing your password to a new one from time to time. You can also choose a 6-digit password in the settings.

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