How to Create Automated Messages in WhatsApp Without WhatsApp Business

Many are curious about how to create automatic messages in WA (WhatsApp) without the need to use the WA Business application.

Not a few WhatsApp users want to use the autoreply feature even though they are not a businessman and are only regular WhatsApp users.

As we know, the automatic message reply feature on WhatsApp or autoreply is currently only available for WhatsApp business (Business).

But don’t worry, regular WhatsApp users can still enjoy the autoreply feature even if they don’t register as a business account.

The trick is to install a third-party application. These applications are widely available on the Google Play Store and you can choose one of them to download.

By using the application, regular WhatsApp users can create a kind of chatbot to reply to messages automatically.

When someone sends a message via WhatsApp, you will automatically reply without the need to type without even having to open the WhatsApp application.

This method can also be an alternative for online shop owners who don’t want to switch to using WhatsApp Business.

For those who don’t know how, you must read this article to the end because Rancah post will discuss the complete tutorial.

How to Create Automatic Messages in WA (WhatsApp)

Here are the steps to reply to automatic messages on WhatsApp using the help of third-party applications.

  • Once done, open the app and click From now on > activate the toggle to access AutoResponder notifications > click the icon (+) in the lower right corner.

How to Reply to WhatsApp Messages Automatically

  • Here you will be asked to fill in according to your own will. You can also use AutoResponder for free and for a fee. Click Try Free to try for free.

Free App Trial

  • In the first column, fill in the incoming message according to what you want to auto-respond. Then, in the second column, write your auto-response message. In the third column, the choice to answer.
  • How to make an automatic message in the next WA, fill it back in the fourth column regarding how long it takes to wait until the message can be replied to automatically.

How to Create Automated Messages in WA with App Help

  • In the fifth column, select who can get automatic messages, it can be private, group, or both.
  • In the Specific Contacts column, you can select certain contacts who can and cannot receive automatic replies. In addition, you can set the next template as you wish.
  • Click the check icon to save changes. Done!

How to Set Automatic Message Pesan

Below is an example of when you managed to follow one by one the steps described earlier.

Sample Automated Message Pesan

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That’s the discussion this time about how to create automatic messages on WA with the help of third-party applications. May be useful.


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