How to Delete Old Posts on Facebook in Bulk

How to Delete Old Posts on Facebook in Bulk

How to delete old posts on FB (Facebook) ?

It turns out that we can do it easily and quickly in bulk. So you don’t have to bother deleting manually or one by one.

Many people have had Facebook accounts for a long time, so many posts from year to year are still there.

So many people want to delete old posts from their facebook account in bulk.

Now to find old posts on Facebook you don’t have to bother scrolling too much because there is a simpler way. And we will discuss the method in this article.

Now your uploads on Facebook can be deleted quickly. You can also delete multiple posts at once.

So you don’t need to delete posts one by one by clicking the three-dot icon on the side of the post and then clicking Move to trash.

Although it is very easy to delete old uploads on Facebook, it turns out that there are still users who don’t know how to do it. If you are one of them, you must read this article to the end!

How to Delete Old Posts on FB Quickly

How to Delete Old Posts on Facebook in Bulk

  • The first step you have to do is open the Facebook application.
  • After that, open your Facebook account profile. After that, scroll down a bit and look at the posts column.
  • There you will find a filter icon to quickly revisit old posts, and next to it is icon settings to delete those posts in bulk.

  • Click Filter to find the old post that you intend to delete. For example here in the Open option we choose the 23rd October 2019, click Ok. After that, click Done.

  • Well, here posts on the date and year you entered earlier will appear.
  • Mark one by one the posts that you have uploaded. When finished marking it, click the trash can icon > select Delete Post. Done!

To delete other old posts, you can change the filter menu with the time or date you want.

That’s it guys, how to delete old posts on FB quickly without the hassle of having to go one by one. Hopefully this discussion can be useful.


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