GB WhatsApp Apk Download 9.29 Latest Version 2022

WhatsApp is one of the applications that is now playing an important role in our daily lives. Especially in this digital era, we have to adapt to very significant changes in the era.

Using WhatsApp is a person’s need to interact with various people, whether it’s work friends or parents. By using WhatsApp, it makes it easier for us to communicate.

Whether it’s making phone calls, video calls and chatting with various people in your cell phone contacts. So you no longer need to make phone calls or SMS to the people you want to contact.

Actually, with this WhatsApp as a saver for you, because WhatsApp only uses the internet network to activate it. So you just need to fill up your quota and you don’t need to top up your credit to make regular phone calls.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

However, currently many people are using another version of the messaging application, namely GB WhatsApp. GB WA is an application that has advantages in terms of the features in the application. This is because, GB WhatsApp This application has been developed by a third party.

However, this application is still somewhat less desirable, because many people do not know the uses and advantages in it. Therefore, on this occasion we will provide information about the benefits of using the GB WhatsApp application. Check out the following article.

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Difference between WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp

For the differences from GB WhatsApp and official WhatsApp, it can be said that these two messaging applications have advantages and disadvantages of each in every aspect of the two applications.

However, for the working system, it can be said that there is no difference, because this application is equally used to send messages and also make phone calls. However, for GB WhatsApp it has advantages in terms of features, because this GB version application has many features that you can use starting from hiding blue ticks, hiding view status and many others.

Unfortunately, in terms of security, GB WA is very vulnerable to viruses and also the security of the account you have, because this application is illegal. For WhatsApp, the original version is the opposite, which is quite secure because this application was officially released by the developer.

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How to Use GB WhatsApp, Definitely Useful

How to use GB WhatsApp is definitely useful, it can be said that all WhatApp applications whether it’s GB or WA the original version are all useful as long as you use them correctly.

Because from the application system these two applications are the same, namely they are both messaging applications. However, GB WhatsApp has many features that you can use, what are the features? Check out his review below.

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GB WhatsApp Features

GB WhatsApp Apk Download 9.29 Latest Version 2022

Hiding Online Status

The first feature is hiding online status. Many smartphone users who want to use GB WhatsApp only want to use this one feature. You can disable online status from the main screen.

Usually those who turn off this online status don’t want to be disturbed or are avoiding chats or messages sent from someone, whether it’s a coworker or even someone they don’t know.

Hiding Typing Status or Typing

For those of you who want to be different from other people when you want to reply to a message but the status is being deleted? In GB WA, you can remove or hide the Typing status or while typing.

This can know that the message you sent to a friend or other person is immediately replied to by that person. Usually in the original WA version you will see a “typing” display, therefore on GB WhatsApp this display can be hidden. How to? You just select the settings menu, then you select the contact menu here, you just have to tick hide typing, done.

Reading Deleted Messages (Anti-Delete Messages)

If on original WhatsApp, messages that have been deleted or withdrawn will automatically disappear. But in GB WhatsApp it’s different, you can activate the “Anti-Delete Message” feature so that messages that have been deleted by your chatting opponent are still visible or not lost.

To activate this feature, you simply enter the Privacy and security menu, then you select the chat menu and there is an Anti-Delete Message menu, you can immediately activate the feature by sliding the right button.


Maybe that’s the only discussion we can convey about How to Download and Use GB WhatsApp, Definitely Helpful. Hopefully the information we convey is useful for those of you who want to use GB WhatsApp. Download GB Whatsapp latest apk from below link.

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