How to enable “one-handed” keyboard on iPhone for typing on the go

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The iOS operating system contains many hidden “features” that can greatly facilitate the life of active iPhone and iPad users. One of them is a “one-handed” keyboard that can adapt to the needs of those who prefer to type on the go.

How to enable

How to enable one-handed keyboard on iPhone

It works very simply – at will (it is necessary to press and hold the icon with the image of the globe on the keyboard and select the desired location) of the user, the keyboard is “pressed” to the right (or left for left-handed) edge of the screen. As a result, reaching the desired key becomes much easier. Profit!

The “one-handed” keyboard was found in iOS back in the fall of 2016 (it was made by the renowned iOS developer Steve Throwpton-Smith). Then it had the status of a “secret” keyboard, and it has been in it since iOS 8. And only with the release of iOS 11, Apple finally decided that it was ready and made it public.

How to enable one-handed keyboard on iPhone

How to enable one-handed keyboard on iPhone

For iPad owners, we will also remind you of the existence of the tablet version of QuickType. The virtual buttons on the iPad keyboard also display numbers along with letters, so there is no need to switch to the appropriate mode and then return to the “alphabet” keyboard. This is very convenient if you need to quickly type a few numbers and letters (for example, a website address or a complex password).

How it works? To select a letter, you just need to press the corresponding key. And to select, for example, any number, you should press the desired key and slide your finger down.

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