How to Extend iPhone Battery Life

How to Extend iPhone Battery Life

The concept of a stressful situation is not the prerogative of sensitive living beings, to one degree or another any more or less complex system that is not exploited quite correctly is subject to it. Cadex draws parallels between smartphone battery performance and the lifestyles of professional athletes.

It is inappropriate to force the latter to run cross, interrupting a well-deserved rest after setting a new record, but keeping an athlete on a platoon, in a state of full readiness for hours on end, is dangerous. Burn out, emotionally and then physically. The same thing happens with batteries, with the difference that, unlike usual breakdowns, this “stress wear” is not visually identified.

Disconnect iPhone after fully charged

What happens when the charge level reaches 100% and the cable is still plugged into the outlet? What is called a “leaking charge” is triggered – energy flows in tiny portions from the mains to the battery, compensating for those tiny losses that occur naturally. The consumption is minimal, but the entire system is in a high voltage state, which has a detrimental effect on the chemical components.

Charge iPhone

Disconnected from charging, the smartphone switches to a different operating mode, which is more gentle for the power system. And if the battery is physically removed from the connector, the problem will be leveled. This can be compared to complete muscle relaxation after a hard day – the prospect of being ready for days on end does not smile at anyone, so why torture the battery of your gadget?

If you often forget to remove a charged iPhone from charging, have your smartphone tell you about it by voice (instructions).

Do Not Charge To 100%

The closer to the peak value, the higher the load on the components of the lithium-ion system. A condition akin to that felt by a fighter before entering the ring – sheer benefit for the fulfillment of a key task, but no one in their right mind will force him to fight with full dedication day after day. Unless, of course, the goal is to ditch a well-oiled combat vehicle. Another thing is sparring and training, a measured load to which both the athlete and the battery can be constantly exposed.

How long does an iPhone battery

Verdict: Charge your smartphone battery fully only in case of real need, but in everyday reality try to keep the battery charge in the range from 10% to 90%.

You don’t need to charge your iPhone battery in one go

Cadex calculated that it is optimal for most battery models to replenish 10% of the charge in one session. We spent it – put it on recharge – removed it after so many minutes – we use it until the next level drop by 10% from the current one. Not a very realistic scenario for the lion’s share of users, but it can be replaced with a simple scheme. Recharge your smartphone several times during the day, for a short period of time.

IPhone Battery Statistics

In addition to the subtle but existing benefits of batteries, it will help you streamline your lifestyle, at least when it comes to working with high technology. Namely:

  • “Slaves of the socket” sit next to it for an hour – 10 minutes will be enough for you;
  • During the day, you always have a reserve of energy in the battery for useful tasks;
  • Resource-intensive functions, such as launching game hits or running GPS, will not be launched spontaneously, but “according to the schedule.” Less temptation for stupidity and procrastination in the workplace.
  • A pronounced “activity-rest” cycle not only for a smartphone, but also for its owner. Only “rest” here means the rejection of the gadget, activities without using it. Whether it’s writing a report or messing around with the kids.

Avoid iPhone overheating and hypothermia

IPhone lithium-ion batteries hate heat and cold. Apple strongly recommends using your smartphone in temperatures between 0 and 35 ° C.

Why iPhone and iPad slow down and turn off in the cold

Make sure that the smartphone does not get “heatstroke”, protect it from heating in direct sunlight. These are all useful prevention of battery wear.



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