HOW to Fix wrong time display on Windows & Linux dualboot

HOW to Fix wrong time display on Windows & Linux dualboot

Sometimes this is annoying because you have to set the clock in both Windows and Linux every time you log into the OS.

When you are using Linux, the clock shows the correct time. But when you boot into Windows, the clock shows the wrong time. Sometimes, on the other hand, Linux shows the wrong time and Windows shows the correct time.

HOW to Fix wrong time display on Windows & Linux dualboot

This is a bit odd, especially since you are connected to the internet and your date and time are set automatically via NTP.

The computer has two main clocks: the system clock and the hardware clock.

The hardware clock is known as RTC (real-time clock) or also called CMOS / BIOS. This clock is outside the operating system, on the motherboard of your computer. The time will continue even after your system shuts down.

How the system clock and hardware work

Whereas the system clock is what you see on your operating system.

When your computer is turned on, the hardware clock is read and used to set the system clock. After that, the system clock is used to track time. If your operating system makes any changes to the system clock, such as changing the time zone or other changes. Then the system clock tries to sync this information to the hardware clock.

Source of the problem

By default, Linux assumes that the time stored in the hardware clock is UTC, not local time. On the other hand, Windows thinks that the time stored on the hardware clock is local time. This is where the trouble starts.

Ubuntu and most other Linux distributions use the system and hence you can use the timedatectl command to change settings.

All it needs to do is tell the Linux system to use the local time for the hardware clock (RTC). You do this with the set-local-rtc option (set local time for RTC):

timedatectl set-local-rtc 1

Now if you boot into Windows, then Windows will use hardware clock as local time. When you boot into Linux, your Linux system knows that the hardware clock is in local time and not UTC.

Now the time irregularity issue between Windows & Linux has been successfully fixed.

If you see a warning about not using local time for RTCs in your desktop settings, this should not cause any issues.


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