How to get dislikes button back on YouTube?

A free extension for popular browsers has appeared in the Google extension store, which allows YouTube users to return the dislike counter to the screen and see how many people have negatively rated a particular video.

Earlier we said that Google has decided to remove the dislike counter from YouTube. The button itself has remained in place and you can still “fail” the video, but now you won’t be able to see how many people before you did the same. Google explained it this way: obeying the “herd mentality”, users can hate a video or its author just “for the company” if they come in and see a lot of dislikes. Now this is impossible, since the hater simply cannot assess the level of effectiveness of his black deed.

I do not like

However, the number of dislikes carried a certain information load for viewers. Sometimes it can influence your decision to watch or stop watching a video. Therefore, the development team decided to create a returnyoutubedislike extension that returns the dislike count in the YouTube viewport. At first, it had to be installed “bypassing” Chrome’s security system, but now everything has become much easier.

Currently supported are Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave. The guys even created a separate web page for this extension. To use the script, simply click “Install” on the main page – the link will take you to the official extension store. From there it can be installed and run.

Dislikes in the building

By the way, Apple’s Safari browser does not officially support this extension, but there is a way out. To use returnyoutubedislike on macOS, use TamperMonkey – it can be found in the Safari extension store for 179 rubles. Further on the developer site returnyoutubedislike you can copy the script and insert it into TamperMonkey – everything will work.

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