How to get the most out of the Samsung ecosystem

How to get the most out of the Samsung ecosystem

When purchasing a new gadget, in addition to its main characteristics and features, we now also pay attention to the ecosystem. This term primarily implies how the novelty will fit into the existing set of technology. Samsung has a vast and holistic ecosystem that includes not only mobile electronics, but also consumer, audio and video equipment.

Understanding the ecosystem

Samsung’s strengths lie in broad functionality, easy synchronization, and tight integration of Samsung devices in a variety of everyday scenarios. Product interaction is based on three main methods: Samsung account, Galaxy Wearable app, and SmartThings service.


Your Samsung Account automatically syncs passwords and other important data over the air. Thus, they are accessed by devices that are combined under one account.

Galaxy Wearable is responsible for connecting the smartphone to wearable electronics: Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch wearable and Galaxy Fit fitness bracelets. The app allows you to customize alerts and personalize your gadgets with a variety of widgets and styles.


SmartThings is preinstalled on all current Samsung Galaxy devices and acts as a remote control for connected home appliances and smart home devices. The service combines wearable electronics, tablets, TVs and allows you to control them directly from your smartphone. Plus, SmartThings Find helps you find paired gadgets with simple, detailed hints and beeps. This service also allows you to customize Galaxy SmartTags, which can be attached to any item, from a wallet to a pet’s collar.

Smartphone and tablet: automatic syncing and sharing of content

The smartphone is the core of the ecosystem; in other words, it acts as a “flight control center” for integration and communication between devices. Galaxy devices are packed with all the features and services you need to control an entire ecosystem of gadgets. For example, a Samsung account can automatically sync notes in the Samsung Notes app on smartphones, PCs and tablets, including the Galaxy Tab S7 and other current models. Thanks to this, the user concentrates on the main thing and is not afraid to lose important information. Working in such conditions becomes fast and efficient.


Owners of Samsung mobile devices with One UI 3.1 can enjoy continuous web browsing in the Internet browser. This feature is especially useful in scenarios where you need to switch from smartphone to tablet, for example, when you need a large screen for work. In addition, the Samsung Flow app provides a seamless transition, allowing you to copy text or images on your phone and instantly paste that content on another gadget.

For easy communication and data exchange without size limitation, the “Quick Send” function is responsible. It allows you to send photos or videos of any size to nearby Galaxy devices. It is not only fast but also safe. For example, using the Private Share tool, a specific recipient is selected, and already sent files can be recalled with just one click.

Fast sending

Wearable electronics: manage your presentation, respond to notifications and unlock your smartphone

Galaxy wearable gadgets not only help you keep track of your health and physical activity, but also act as an assistant for your smartphone. For example, the Galaxy Watch3 will automatically display all important mobile alerts and suggest a response based on the content of the message.

Useful scenarios for using the Galaxy Watch3 in the Samsung ecosystem include the ability to control a PPT presentation simply by keeping a wearable device connected to a smartphone. Thus, there is no need for additional devices during business meetings. You can also use the Galaxy Watch as a remote control to release the shutter of your smartphone camera when taking photos together. This requires the free Camera Controller app from the Galaxy Store.


The Smart Lock feature allows you to automatically unlock your smartphone without having to enter a password or scan your fingerprint. This feature is useful when wearing gloves, for example, during winter sports. Your Galaxy smartphone remains unlocked when connected to or near your Galaxy Watch. For quicker access to the applications you want, you can also activate the automatic unlocking of the device in a certain safe place, for example, at home.

It is also worth noting that the Galaxy Watch can pay for purchases and make audio recordings that are automatically saved on the smartphone. As for the second function, it will be relevant for creating quick voice notes.

Galaxy headphones: sharing music and quickly switching between devices

The Galaxy Buds Pro wireless headphones in the Samsung ecosystem offer four very useful features: the ability to share music, seamless switching, search and record audio on video using the headphone microphone.

The Buds Together feature debuted with the launch of the Galaxy Buds Live model. It allows you to share your music without losing quality. All you need to do is tap the Music Share icon in the Galaxy smartphone’s quick access door and then select the headphones with which you want to share your music. Another Galaxy Buds Pro or Live owner just accepts the invitation, and you can enjoy one melody together on two pairs of headphones at the same time. Buds Together comes in handy during long travels to watch movies or TV shows from one smartphone or tablet.

Samsung Music Share


Auto Switch keeps your headphones running smoothly when switching between devices. For example, if you receive an incoming call on your Galaxy smartphone while watching a movie on your tablet, Auto Switch will automatically switch the Bluetooth connection to your phone to receive the call without having to do it manually.

With the SmartThings app and SmartThings Find on your Galaxy smartphone, you can easily find your lost earbuds. Imagine that you forgot where you left your Galaxy Buds Pro in the room – you just need to activate the search, and the gadget will beep. The offline search function allows you to view the location of the earbuds even if they are no longer connected to your smartphone. If the earphone is away from you, the service will show its location on the map.


Multi-microphone recording will be appreciated by content creators. On current Samsung Galaxy smartphones, in Professional Video mode, you can simultaneously record audio to your phone’s microphone and via connected Bluetooth devices such as Galaxy Buds Pro, Buds Live, and Buds +. Thus, the user has ample opportunities in terms of videography. In addition to all of the above, the headphones can be charged wirelessly from the back of the smartphone thanks to PowerShare reverse wireless charging.



Samsung TVs: connecting smartphones over the air and sharing the screen for sharing

Samsung SmartTV owners can connect mobile devices over the air to their TVs to view content on the big screen. To transfer a photo or video to TV using Tap View, simply touch the top or side of the TV with your phone. This handy trick can be used not only in the Galaxy home ecosystem, but also on a visit to watch photo albums and videos from your smartphone on TV.


The Samsung ecosystem expands and complements TV entertainment content. The Multi View function allows you to display the contents of your smartphone and “divide” the TV into two parts, and in older Samsung Neo QLED models – into four. Thus, you can simultaneously view several types of different content, for example, play a game and study the tutorial at the same time, or display the teams’ lineups while watching football.


It is very easy to use current Galaxy smartphones as a remote control for Samsung SmartTV. To do this, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The TV appears in the list of connected gadgets on the home screen of the SmartThings app. By clicking on its icon, a remote control will open, allowing you to turn on and off the TV, adjust the volume, change channels, and also provide access to other functionality. At the bottom of the window there is a touchpad for easy navigation through the TV interface.

Convenience and functionality

By creating an ecosystem of products from one brand, you can unleash all their capabilities to the maximum, gaining convenience and comfort through seamless synchronization and integration. It is important to consider that the potential of the Samsung ecosystem is not limited to the listed devices. It also perfectly fits the company’s current models of household appliances, including washing machines, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and air purifiers. This entire vast fleet of gadgets is controlled by a smartphone and allows you to save time on everyday tasks for more important things or entertainment.

The main advantages of such a solution are simple synchronization and a wide range of application scenarios, some of which we have covered in this article. Samsung’s ecosystem is primarily focused on user experience. It will help you concentrate on your tasks without being distracted by extraneous processes, such as connecting an additional pair of headphones or searching for a lost remote control. All of these factors are happening behind the scenes of our digital scene, and we just have fun.


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