How to Install Chrome OS Flex on an Old Mac

Ever wanted to use a Google Chromebook running Chrome OS? If you have an old MacBook that isn’t fast enough already, you can install Google Chrome OS Flex on it, which will turn your old Mac into a Chromebook.

One of the advantages of the Mac is that the macOS operating system receives security updates for a rather long time, however, sooner or later support for older Macs stops and they stop receiving updates. There is a way out – to use a third-party operating system, for example, based on the Chrome web browser from Google – Chrome OS Flex. Perhaps it will give your old Mac a new life.

There is one downside, you will have to erase your current macOS operating system in order to install Chrome OS Flex on an old Mac.

Google Chrome OS Flex supports any Mac from 2010 and newer, so you can run Chrome OS on an older device that Apple no longer supports.

To install a Chromebook, you’ll need an 8GB or larger USB flash drive (which will become your Chrome OS installation disc), Chrome Web Browser (the installer is located here), a 2010 or newer Mac with at least 16GB of RAM.

How to Install Chrome OS Flex on an Old Mac

For self-installation, you will need the Chrome browser and the ability to erase all data from Mac. If you have important data on your Mac, then back it up first. Again – all data on your Mac will be erased.

    1. Launch the Chrome web browser on any Mac (you can use another Mac to create the installer).
    2. Download the Chromebook Recovery Tool for Chrome browser and install the extension.
    3. Open Chromebook Recovery Utility in Chrome and select “Google Chrome OS Flex” as your Chromebook model.
    4. Insert the USB stick that will later be used as the Chrome OS Flex installer, then proceed to create the installation disk.
    5. Once the installation disc has been created, connect it to the Mac on which you want to install Chrome OS Flex.
    6. Reboot your old Mac and hold down the OPTION key while choosing the Chrome OS installer from the boot options menu.
    7. Proceed with the installation by following the instructions on the screen.
    8. When done, your old Mac will boot into Chrome OS Flex.
      Chrome OS Flex and Chrome OS desktop.

Chrome OS is an operating system based on the Chrome web browser, you will have access to all the Google apps and tools you are familiar with, including the Chrome browser, Google Docs, Google Sheets, YouTube, YouTube Studio, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Gmail and more.

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