How to play PUBG on Mac

How to play PUBG on Mac

Even though PUBG doesn’t officially support macOS, there are still ways to play PUBG on Mac. Below we will tell you about them.


The game was released in March 2017, but is still popular today. Unfortunately, it cannot be played on a Mac, at least not officially. Nevertheless, there are still ways. Both require the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to be purchased.

GeForce NOW For Mac

The best way to play PUBG on Mac is with GeForce NOW for Mac. This cloud service lets you run any game from Steam or the library on your Mac. This also applies to PUBG! You don’t need to worry about compatibility when using the service.

How it works? All processing takes place remotely on Nvidia servers in Europe and the USA. When you select a game, Nvidia’s powerful servers will launch it remotely and then stream it to your Mac at high speed. The closer you are to the servers, the faster the connection will be.

Playing PUBG over GeForce Now works perfectly in most situations. Through the service, you can safely play both in single player mode and online. In this case, there will be no significant lags.

Best of all, all GeForce Now games are stream-optimized for the best picture quality. You don’t even need to wait for the game to download – just select it and start playing!

A basic GeForce Now subscription costs 999 rubles a month, but there are over 70 free games in the library for you to play. For more information on how to start playing, read here.

Boot camp

If your internet is not fast enough for streaming services, there is another option.

You can play PUBG on Mac by running Windows 10 using Boot Camp. To do this, you will need to share free memory on your Mac’s hard drive.

There should be a lot of free memory, since only PUBG requires 30 GB of free memory, and the Windows system will also take up space.


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