How to quickly open Calculator on Mac (macOS)?

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With the release of macOS Big Sur, the Notification Center widgets have also been updated, which allow you to quickly access, for example, viewing the weather, currency rates, calendar, world clock, etc. Tragically, Apple has removed the calculator widget that many users have been using. How to replace it?

How to quickly open Calculator on Mac (macOS)?

Spotlight calculator

For simple equations, you can use the Spotlight search bar, which is accessed from the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar.

How to invoke Spotlight Search on Mac

keyboard shortcut ⌘Cmd + Space (some users set the combination Control + Space).

To enter computational characters, use the following characters on the keyboard (some must have an English keyboard layout):

The “+” (addition) sign corresponds to the “+” on the keyboard;
The “-” (subtraction) sign corresponds to “-” on the keyboard;
The “×” (multiplication) sign corresponds to the “*” on the keyboard;
The “:” sign (division) corresponds to “/” on the keyboard;

Spotlight calculator macOS

The default Calculator app on Mac

For more complex calculations, you will need the Calculator application. By itself, this utility is quite simple, usually you do not need to search for complex third-party implementations. With the loss of such a necessary widget, it becomes necessary to use alternative replacement options.

The default Calculator app on Mac

In this article, we’ll cover calculator apps for the menu bar, as well as shortcuts to open an existing Mac Calculator app from the Dock and use a keyboard shortcut. You just have to choose the most suitable option and use it further.

Calculators for the macOS Menu Bar

Calculator Pro (Free, in-app purchases) – The best free menu bar calculator for fast calculations.

Calculator Pro

Calculator Pro

Calculator Pro

The utility allows you to work with basic operators and functions, and also allows you to use the numeric keys on the keyboard as buttons on the calculator. You have several parameters available for adjustment, and the screen with the result can not only be viewed, but also copied.

CalcBar (free) is a great tool for solving equations. In addition to the basic functions, you can also work with absolute values, square roots, exponents, and other mathematical functions.

CalcBar CalcBar

The app also offers a button to manually copy your result. However, the CalcBar doesn’t look much like a standard calculator with buttons, so you have to use the number keys on your keyboard. However, this is still a great option.

Additional calculator apps

If you need a multipurpose calculator or want to find something different for the menu bar and are willing to pay for quality options, then check out these additional apps:

Adding a shortcut for the calculator to the Dock

Instead of looking for third-party solutions, you can use the built-in Mac calculator application. You just need to create a shortcut for it in the Dock Panel and click on it at the right time.

1. Open “Calculator” from folder “Programs”.

The default Calculator app on Mac

2. Click on its icon on the Dock with the right mouse button or Control-click on the application icon.

3. Hover the cursor over “Options” and select Leave in Dock.

Adding a shortcut for the calculator to the Dock

As soon as the shortcut is on the panel, you can move it to any place convenient for you.

If you like the features of the Mac Calculator, such as saving a calculation feed or using the Unit Converter, you can now easily access them from the Dock. Also, notice the creation of a keyboard shortcut for the macOS Calculator.

Create a keyboard shortcut to quickly launch the “Calculator”

If you are not interested in the app in the menu bar, and you don’t like the extra icon in the dock, there is another way to quickly use the calculator – with a keyboard shortcut. We’ve already mentioned a valuable Mac tool like Automator on our website. In fact, in this application you need to create a quick action that will be tied to the launch of the “Calculator” (detailed instructions).

How do I launch apps on Mac using a keyboard shortcut?

Then you need to go to the menu Keyboard → Keyboard shortcuts in “System Preferences” and set the keyboard shortcut you want to use for this quick action.

How do I launch apps on Mac using a keyboard shortcut?

Now you can launch the Calculator application on your Mac at the right time by pressing the keyboard shortcut you have set and you are comfortable with.


Until Apple changes the updated Notification Center in macOS and includes the Calculator widget there, we will have to use alternative solutions. Fortunately, finding them and customizing them is not that difficult.

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