How to quickly replace all Google apps with alternatives

How to quickly replace all Google apps with alternatives

Enthusiasts launched the service Un.pixel-fy, which allows you to rid your Android smartphone of all applications developed by Google and replace them with counterparts from third-party developers.

On the Un.pixel-fy website, you can select the applications you need in different categories (browser, mail, calendar, dialer, messages, camera, calculator, music player, app store, YouTube player, etc.) and download them in one archive file. Next, you need to transfer this archive and install all these applications in one go. The MicroG package is also available there, which is necessary for the operation of applications tied to Google services. After installing these applications, you can uninstall Google applications from your smartphone without fear that the device will stop working correctly (this, of course, requires root access).

How to quickly replace all Google apps with alternatives

To install applications, it is required that the Magisk module version 20 or higher is installed on the smartphone (and it requires root-rights on the smartphone). Supported Android versions – from 8.0.

As conceived by the creators Un.pixel-fy, this project will save the smartphone from complete dependence on Google. It will come in handy for those who believe that an American corporation uses user data for its own purposes and does not always honestly tell why it collects this or that information.

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