How to Recover Blocked Instagram Account

The classic problem with using social media is a violation of the Community Guidelines set by app developers.

Instagram as one of the most popular social media, many have blocked accounts due to these violations. If it happens to your account, this article will review how to recover a blocked Instagram account.

Disabling or blocking does not only happen to individuals but also to communities and without warning.

Blocking can be caused by many reasons, for example from the spread of fake news, buying and selling followers, viral news effects, and so on.

Instagram can even permanently delete an account if it is found to have repeatedly violated its Community Guidelines.

The good news is, if you think you haven’t violated our Community Guidelines but were blocked, you can apply for account re-opening.

Launching the official Instagram page, the conditions for opening a blocked account are entering a username, password, and following all the instructions on the screen.

Please note that each blocking case has a different problem and requires a different recovery time. Here’s how to restore blocked Instagram.

How to Recover Blocked Instagram Account
How to recover blocked Instagram account. (Photo: iStockphoto/grinvalds)
  1. Tap the Instagram app on the phone
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Instagram will notify you that your account is deactivated. After that, tap on the “More” option.
  4. On the Learn Account More page select the “Contact Us” option
  5. If your Instagram account represents a business or business select the Yes option if it is individual select the No option and then tap Send
  6. Fill in the fields that Instagram asks for in the form of your full name or the name you put on your Instagram profile account. Then enter the last email address used when registering for Instagram and select your country of residence then tap Send
  7. Then open your email, check the message sent by Instagram
  8. Follow the instructions given by Instagram on the message.

The process of replying to emails by Instagram usually takes two to three days. Therefore within three days check your email to see your unblocking application.

Once the application is accepted, you only need to login with the same password and account name.

If the method of recovering your blocked Instagram account is rejected, re-check the instruction data requested by Instagram for writing errors, lack of clarity in writing, or lack of clarity in photos, and so on.

Please note, if someone has the password and deletes your Account, then the account can no longer be recovered.

The only option is to create a new account with the same email address as the previous one, but the username cannot use your previous username.