How to Recover Hacked or Banned WhatsApp Account Using Help Center

Account hacking can be faced by everyone, one of which is a WhatsApp account, which has often happened lately. Even though the instant messaging application is equipped with an encrypted system end-to-end and two-step verification.

However, it can’t guarantee that your WhatsApp account is completely secure, because hackers can infiltrate your account and extract personal data that can be used to verify and hack your account.

Therefore, users should be as careful as possible when receiving suspicious notifications. The reason is, this can be one of the tricks used by hackers to hack accounts on your cellphone such as WhatsApp.

However, if your WhatsApp account has already been hacked, users don’t panic. You can restore your WhatsApp account and recover your personal data by reporting it to the help center.

If you don’t know how to make a report to the WhatsApp help center, you can follow the steps┬áto restore your account.

Report Account Hacking Issues to WhatsApp Help Center

One of the ways you can restore your WhatsApp account is to make a hack report to the help center. To do so, users can send reports via email to the address [[email protected]]

In the email subject field write that your account was hacked. For example you can write “My WhatsApp account got Hacked“, etc.

In the report you created, write down the chronology of your WhatsApp account being hacked, accompanied by evidence screenshot, or screenshots of suspicious activity from your account, and issues you’ve been having for some time.

In addition, include the phone number you registered to create a WhatsApp account so that WhatsApp can find out your account and the problem you are experiencing.

After you make a report and send it, WhatsApp will temporarily deactivate your account after they receive your report.

WhatsApp will carry out a problem check, and immediately notify you if it is aware of the problem you are experiencing. You will be notified whether your account has been hacked or is experiencing other issues.

Apart from making a report to the WhatsApp help center, users can also restore a hacked account by reinstalling the WhatsApp application on your phone.

Users just need to do uninstall WhatsApp application on the phone then download it again. When you log in using your account and enter the OTP code into your number, the account linked to the other device will automatically exit or log out.

However, this method allows hackers to still hack into your WhatsApp account again. Therefore, users should report it to the WhatsApp help center to make it more secure.

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