How to Remove Black Bar Under Samsung Keyboard

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The use of the keyboard will not go away from cellphone users, but the keyboard display takes up quite a space. This is because there is a black space between the keyboard and the navigation buttons back on the screen.

These bars are pretty bad on Samsung phones, but fortunately, One UI has settings for almost anything including a few that will erase all traces of that black bar. Depending on how far the user wants to take something, it can even take off a piece of black bar that shows a motion indicator, and it will be erased everywhere, not just under the keyboard.

If this is the way to remove the black bar under the keyboard, do the steps below:

Step 1: Disable “Hide Keyboard” Button

First, open the Settings app from your app drawer. Select “Appearance” from the main menu, then scroll down a bit and select “Navigation bar.” Once logged in, disable the toggle switch next to the “Show key to hide keyboard” option.

Note: If you open this page hoping to remove the black bar that holds the old style Recent / Home / Back buttons, you can use this time to switch the top option from “Button” to “Swipe gesture”. You will get new Android gestures, and once done, the instructions in this article will work for you.

Now the black bar at the bottom of your keyboard is gone 90% of your screen. However, if you are still annoyed and want to lose it all, we have two options that you should try.

First, you can disable “Gesture hints” in the same Navigation bar settings menu to remove the bars and white lines in them, but it breaks Android’s quick switching gestures. So in order to maintain full functionality while removing all traces of the black bar, you will need to follow Steps 2 and 3 below.

Step 2: Install Good Lock & NavStar

How to Remove Black Bar Under Samsung Keyboard

Open the Galaxy Store app from your app drawer, then find and install a first-party Samsung app called Good Lock. When done, press the “Open” button at the bottom of the screen, then select NavStar from the main Good Lock menu, which will open the Galaxy Store again. Press “Install” to add the Good Lock plugin.

Step 3: Enable “Transparent Instructions”

Now, open the Good Lock app from your app drawer and select “NavStar” again. This time, you will be taken to the module settings page. Here, make sure the main switch at the top of the screen is turned on, then activate the switch next to “Transparent instructions”.

This makes the remaining black sliver slivers transparent in all applications, including when using the keyboard. The white motion indicator stripe will remain, so you will still get access to the fast switching, but now, your keyboard will start from the very bottom edge of the screen.


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