How to Reset Locked iPhone without Computer

How to Reset Locked iPhone without Computer

iOS 15.2, released this week, added a new feature to Apple smartphones. After several unsuccessful attempts to enter the password, the device screen is locked by the security system and the “Erase iPhone” option appears.

When choosing this option, you need to verify by entering the username and password from your Apple account. After that, you can completely erase all data on the iPhone. Resetting data will allow you to restore access to your smartphone if you have forgotten the password to unlock the system, but you know the username and password from Apple ID.

Thanks to this innovation, the process of resetting a locked iPhone has become much easier. Previously, the user needed to put the device into DFU mode (this is done differently for different models), and then launch Finder on Mac or iTunes on Windows, where the option to erase data is available. These reset options remained, but one more was added to them – without using a computer.

Successfully erasing data without a computer requires iPhone to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular. If there is no Internet connection, it is impossible to authenticate the user and, as a result, to confirm the reset.

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