How to Set Facebook Not to Track Your Activity on the Internet

How to Set Facebook Not to Track Your Activity on the Internet

It is no secret that Facebook often tracks its users’ online activities on the internet , including outside the scope of Facebook itself. 

The goal is to find out information such as interest or interest, location, contact, and others. That way, Facebook can offer ads that are more targeted to the user concerned.

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If you’re uncomfortable with that, you can turn off the activity tracking option to stop Facebook stalking. You can restrict all apps or sites that web that visit could not inform your activity to Facebook.

So, how? Here are the steps as summarized by Pro Apk :

1. First, open the Facebook application via your smartphone device .

2. On the main page, click the Facebook icon (letter F) to open the settings menu.

3. Scroll down until you find the “Settings & Privacy” option , then select the “Settings” menu .

4. There, you can directly click the “Off-Facebook Activity” option in the “Your Facebook Information” menu .

How to turn off activity tracking option in Facebook appHow to turn off the activity tracking option in the Facebook application

5. When clicked, a page will appear that displays the activity history of the application that appears on your Facebook account.

6. You can immediately delete the application history by pressing the “Clear History” option at the bottom.

7. Later, Facebook will automatically approve your request to delete all the history of the application.

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Facebook will also delete any personal or identifiable information you have shared by previously visited apps and websites.

This means that Facebook will not know which websites you visit or what you are viewing on the internet. Thus, you will also not see the ads displayed from these sites.


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