How to transfer a library from Spotify to Yandex.Music for free

Streaming service Spotify announced the suspension of the renewal of Premium subscriptions in Russia. I thought about choosing a new platform. I have an annual YouTube Premium subscription that includes YouTube Music, but I need a service for two. I chose Yandex.Music because the family subscription is cheaper there.

The first problem is transferring the library from Spotify to Yandex.Music. I previously talked about the TuneMyMusic service, but it suddenly became paid. Ok, I was willing to pay $4.5 for a month of use to scatter my library in just a couple of clicks, but VISA and Mastercard do not work. By the way, there is PayPal, but he also refused to pay. However, a solution has been found.


How to transfer your library from Spotify to Yandex.Music

TuneMyMusic allows you to export playlists to TXT or CSV files for free. Yandex.Music allows you to import playlists as a list or as a file.



    • Select the source – in my case Spotify, and click “Download from your account”. You will be asked to log in to the platform.



    • TuneMyMusic will download all your playlists, including your favorite tracks, albums and artists. I’m primarily interested in tracks with likes, I unchecked all other checkboxes and left only “Selected Tracks”.



    • Click the “Next: Select a target platform” button.



    • Select “file” and leave the format as TXT.



    • Click “Start Music Transfer” and wait for the process to complete, after that the file with the track list will be downloaded automatically.



    • Drag and drop the generated TuneMyMusic .txt file into the “Upload file” field.



    • Wait for the end of the list processing process and select the playlist where to add tracks.


This way you can transfer all your playlists from Spotify to Yandex.Music.

Spotify is one of my favorite services. My Premium subscription ends on March 15, and if I cannot pay for it, then I will not return to the US region at the current rate. Thus, I am ready to switch to Yandex.Music if Spotify Premium is not available.

Why aren’t they considering switching to YouTube Music? The Premium family subscription costs more there. Also, in unstable conditions due to sanctions, the Yandex.Music option looks the most reliable.

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