How to Transfer Your iCloud Photos Directly to Google Photos

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We are going to explain to you how to transfer your photos from iCloud to Google Photos, something for which you can use an automation on the iCloud page itself. It is a tool that is available in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States, and that facilitates the transfer of data between both services.

How To Transfer Your Icloud Photos Directly To Google Photos.jpg

The procedure is very simple, although we will explain it step by step so that no one gets lost. You just have to go to Apple’s data management website and choose the new option that appears on it. For now data copy can only be done in one direction, from iCloud to Google Photos, although who knows if in the future it will be possible in both.

Your iCloud Photos to Google Photos


The first thing you have to do is enter the website of, which is where you can manage your personal data. Once you enter, you will have to write the email and password of your iCloud account to verify your identity before managing the data.

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Once you confirm your identity, you will see that several options appear on the page, more than in the capture because we have zoomed in so that you can see everything well. In here, you must go to the section of Transfer a copy of your data Y click on the option Request the transfer of a copy of your data. It is a link that will take you to another page.

Choose Photos

This is a section where you can tell Apple that you want to transfer your data to another service. Within this page, go to the section Choose where you want to transfer your photos Y open the box Select destination to choose Google photos as the place where you want to take your data. As you can see, initially only this service appears, although this is something that could change in the future.

Photos videos

Once you have selected the Google Photos service, you only have select if you want to send photos, videos or both with the two selectors below. Once you have marked what you want, click on the button Continue.


You will go to a warning screen where it will tell you how much space you need in your Google account to be able to receive all the photos or videos that you are going to send. Remember that if you have a lot, you may have to buy more storage. Apple will only send files until your storage is full, the rest will not be sent to you. If you agree, just click on Continue to proceed.