How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows 11

How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows 11

Edge is Microsoft’s browser built into Windows 11. As with all preinstalled applications, it is very difficult to get rid of, but it is still possible.

The easiest way is to use one of the countless “uninstaller” that can be found on Google for “uninstaller”. Some of these utilities are capable of uninstalling preinstalled applications by modifying system data, including the registry, using various tricks (for example, through the command line and administrator access). True, usually such programs are paid, but the same thing that they do, you can do it yourself, although you have to tinker a little.

Windows 11

  1. Open the start menu and type Powershell into the search bar. Right-click on Windows Powershell and select the run as administrator option.
  2. Enter the command get-appxpackage *edge* and press Enter. You will see information about Microsoft Edge, including a column titled PackageFullName. Copy the value after the colon (it may differ on different computers).
  3. Insert command remove-appxpackagefollowed by a space and the previously copied value, press Enter.

After a few seconds, Microsoft Edge will be removed. Keep in mind that Windows 11 may download and reinstall it with one of the future updates, so you will have to do the same operation again.

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