How to Upload 4K Photos on Twitter

How to Upload 4K Photos on Twitter

Twitter officially allows all users to upload and view images in resolution 4K on iOS and Android.

The company had previously tested its 4K image upload option for mobile users earlier in the year.

The Twitter web application supports images with resolutions up to 4096×4096. Whereas mobile apps are limited to only half, with a maximum resolution of 2048×2048.

How to Upload 4K Photos on Twitter

Users who enable this feature can upload or view photos in 4K resolution directly from the Twitter application. Also, images will no longer be cropped automatically.

Way upload 4K photos on Twitter

  1. To upload a 4K photo on Twitter, the user will have to go to the ‘data usage’ section of the settings menu in the Twitter app to enable that feature.
  2. Then, turn on ‘high-quality images’ (to view 4K images) and ‘high-quality image upload’ (to upload), as reported in The Verge.
  3. Users can also choose whether they want those higher resolution images enabled when using cellular and Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi only, or completely disabled. Those options are similar to how Twitter handles videos with higher resolution or autoplay.

For photographers, especially those who are always on the move, this feature will help them connect and share the best photos with their followers, even during the shoot.

Launch Screenrant, artists can also share the best resolution for their illustrations on the platform. Even for casual users, it will help promote Twitter as a better platform for sharing photos than ever before. For everyone, now they can enjoy viewing other people’s content in much better quality.

Keep in mind, 4K media has a bigger impact on mobile data usage, regardless of whether it’s downloading or uploading photos. The existence of a video on Twitter also allows the use of data to accumulate quickly.

Finally, some artists may not share high-resolution versions of their artwork on social media, such as Twitter. They usually prefer to save full-resolution images on their own website or premium platforms.


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