How to use iCloud Passwords in Chrome for Windows

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You can now use iCloud Passwords on your Windows computer thanks to the new Chrome browser extension. The Chrome extension came out a while ago, but it needs iCloud version 12.0 to use the feature.


If you’ve already installed the latest available version of iCloud for Windows, you can use the Chrome extension. Below we will explain how this is done.

ICloud Passwords Approval

First, you need to approve the use of iCloud passwords. You will need an Apple device (iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 and newer, or Mac with Big Sur) to receive the verification code. Open iCloud for Windows and click next to Passwords To approve.


Enter your account name iCloud and password, and then enter the received verification code.


Check the box next to Passwords in the iCloud window and click Apply… You can close iCloud and open Chrome.


If there is no Passwords option in iCloud, then you have an outdated version of the program. You need version 12.0 or newer to use the function.


Installing the Chrome extension

Now you need to install the extension for Chrome. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the extension or use direct link… Click on Add to Chrome.


This extension can also be installed in Chrome on Mac, but is not fully supported on macOS yet.

Using iCloud Passwords

When you open a site for which you have a password stored in iCloud, the extension button in the toolbar will change color. Click it and enter the received verification code. It should come straight to your computer if you are logged into the iCloud program.


Select a site from the menu. After that, the login information will be inserted into the site.

Not all users are leaving the Apple ecosystem. If you have an iPhone and a Windows computer, you now have access to authorization on sites using iCloud. As you can see, everything is very simple.

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