How to Use Instagram’s New Collaboration Features

How to Use Instagram's New Collaboration Features

Instagram has introduced a new feature called “Collabs”, this feature is here to make users collaborate on reels and feed content with other users.

With the collabs feature, data from the number of likes to comments from the post will be shared between the two accounts that collaborate. However, users can’t arbitrarily choose an account to collaborate with. It is known that users who will be invited for collaboration will receive notifications of invitations that can be accepted or rejected.

Before using this feature, make sure you have updated to the latest Instagram version. Then how to take advantage of this feature?, the mobile team will share how to use one of the latest features of Instagram.

  • First, choose what type of content you want to post between reels and feeds.
  • Second, select the content that you will post if the reel is of course with a vertical ratio, and if the feed can be horizontal or square.
  • After you have confirmed what content will be posted, and have edited the contents of the content. Then select next.
  • Until the last stage before you confirm, select the column mark people.

Instagram Collabs Features

  • If you have entered the column, there are two options, namely add a sign and invite collaborators.

Instagram Collabs Features

  • Select the invite collaborator option, then you will go to the page to invite who you want to collaborate with.
  • When the user you selected has appeared at the bottom of the post.

Instagram Collabs Features

  • After that select the check mark to confirm the content to be posted.
  • Later the user you collaborate with will get an invitation notification, and that user can accept or decline the invitation.

In addition to the Collabs feature, Instagram will begin testing a new way to create fundraisers on its platform, which can be accessed after tapping the “+” button in the top right. The social media platform has been supporting fundraising for some time, even adding support for nonprofit fundraising during last year’s livestream. But this feature cannot be used for personal accounts to create fundraisers.

There’s also a pair of new music-focused features coming to Reels called Superbeat that add video effects to song beats, while Dynamic and 3D lyrics offer a more engaging way to display song lyrics during videos.

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