How to use Soundmoji in Facebook Messenger

How to use Soundmoji in Facebook Messenger

Facebook added a new feature to the Messenger application called Soundmoji. The addition of this feature allows users to communicate in various ways.

The announcement of the addition of the Soundmoji feature comes just one day before World Emoji Day. With this new feature, a number of emojis in Messenger can make sounds, such as clapping, laughing, and drums.

There are only 27 emojis that are equipped with sound. It is possible that the number will continue to grow in the future.

How to use Soundmoji in Facebook Messenger

Here’s how to access Soundmoji in the Messenger app:

  1. Open latest version of Facebook Messenger and start a chat.
  2. Select the expression menu button which is below the chat.
  3. Select the loudspeaker icon.
  4. Select the desired emoji in Soundmoji and send.

In addition to Soundmoji, Facebook has added new features, including Exclusive Friends on Instagram and support for access on various platforms on Whatsapp. The company is also integrating its two social media Instagram and Facebook.

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