Huawei boss warns of chip price hikes

Huawei boss warns of chip price hikes

Huawei’s rotating chairman Eric Xu highlighted the need to rebuild trust and restore cooperation across global semiconductor supply chains to get the industry back on track and avoid rising prices.

Huawei boss warns of chip price hikes

As reported by the Mobile Word Live page, Xu called on global leaders to focus on the potential risks of trade restrictions, citing disrupted confidence in the industry, with more countries concerned about supply chain security.

“In the coming years, higher costs for the semiconductor industry is something we believe in. Unwarranted US sanctions hurt our company, ”he said, noting the damage felt across sectors.

“I hope they can help restore trust and cooperation as soon as possible.”

Xu noted Huawei’s 2020 performance was in line with expectations, helped by measures to address supply chain continuity and a large R&D investment of CNY142 billion ($ 21.7 billion), 15.9 percent of total revenue.

“We will continue to see a lot of attention on Huawei in 2021 and believe it will be a challenging year.”

To increase business resilience, he said he would strengthen his software capabilities by increasing investment.

Huawei Inside

In an effort to overcome global barriers, Huawei is aggressively pushing to bring Harmony OS, which currently runs on smart displays and wearables, to smartphones, with 20 handset vendors and 260 app developers collaborating to build the ecosystem. Huawei expects 40 major brands to run the OS on 100 million devices by 2021.

Xu clarified his position on his work on connected vehicles, explaining that his party is focused on delivering smart parts to automakers.

“As an ICT company, we want to provide ICT capabilities for the autonomous and electric vehicles of the future. We also hope to create a new business model. ”

He said his new Huawei Inside brand is partnering with Chinese manufacturer SAIC Motor, Changan Automobile and GAC Group, with the aim of adding more companies in the future as part of a $ 1 billion investment in the sector.

After self-driving became a reality, Xu said that the technology developed by Huawei would be able to disrupt all relevant sectors in the next decade.


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