eXoduX Widgets Imperial is a package of 128 attractive widgets for Kwgt in which it also includes a Theme for Klwp Pro (eXodus Imperial for Klwp 3 pages)
The Application will “Update Progressively adding new widgets”
This is not a standalone application. The eXoduX Widgets Imperial for Kwgt widgets require the Kwgt Maker (Free Version) and Kwgt PRO KEY (paid version) applications.

What do you need:

✓ Kwgt Maker application
✓ Kwgt PRO KEY application
✓ Personalized launcher how N. Launcher

How to install:

✓ Download the eXoduX Widgets Imperial for Kwgt application. “Kwgt Maker and Kwgt PRO KEY”
✓ Press and hold the home screen and select the Widget
✓ Choose Widget Kwgt
✓ Touch the widget and choose eXoduX Widgets Imperial for Kwgt installed.
✓ Choose the widget you like.
✓ Enjoy!
Any questions or queries please send an email.
ℹ Credits to pngtree for some images used in some of these widgets
ℹCredits to Predator Haley for the elaboration of this complete application
🔘Klwp Developers Team

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