In order to stay free, Facebook asks iPhone users to do this

In order to stay free, Facebook asks iPhone users to do this

Facebook and Instagram have published notifications for iOS device users in their respective applications. This is due to the recent privacy update on iOS 14.5.

One of the focuses of the two companies is data collection aimed at helping Facebook continue to be free to use. The notification was also found by technology researcher Ashkan Soltani, quoted from the page of The Verge, Wednesday (5/5/2021).

In order to stay free, Facebook asks iPhone users to do this

He uploaded a second image of the notification from Facebook and Instagram on his Twitter account.
The notification states that the latest version of iOS requires the company to ask permission when tracking some data from the device. The goal is to increase user advertising.

Apart from helping the service stay available free of charge, there are also two platforms that collect data to showcase personalized advertising and help businesses that rely on advertising to reach their consumers.

On the company’s official blog, Facebook refers to the notification as an ‘education screen’. It also said it had provided further details on how to use the data for personalized advertising.

The latest requirements of iOS 14.5 do require developers to get approval from device users. Namely allowing Identifiers for Advertisers or IDFA to be shared and collected from across applications.

The user can choose not to grant permission. Even so, Apple in its policy states that developers can still use other information for targeted advertising.

However, the information in question cannot be shared with other companies as ad tracking.

For recalcitrant developers, such as circumventing the terms or replacing IDFA with other information such as an email address will be deemed to violate the terms. This also applies to applications developed by Apple.

Previously, Facebook voiced its criticism of Apple’s privacy rules. Because according to the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg, change could hurt small businesses that may rely on ad networks to reach consumers.


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