Instagram and Facebook users can now hide the numbers of likes

Instagram and Facebook users can now hide the numbers of likes

After testing in various countries, Instagram and its parent Facebook officially offers users to hide amounts Like. So, the Like can no longer be displayed if the user wants it.

Instagram has been experimenting with hiding likes to see if this reduces the social pressure users experience on its service. Based on input from users and experts, some users rated that they benefited when they didn’t see the likes.

However, some other users still feel like seeing the number of likes on posts to find out what content is popular and trending at the moment. From this input, Instagram provides the choice of determining their own best experience for each.

Instagram and Facebook also announced new ways for users to filter out the unpleasant content they receive in DMs, as well as what they view and share on the Facebook News Feed – such as the Feed Filter Bar, Favorites Feed, and Choose Who Can Comment.

“Starting today, we are giving you the option to hide all the likes of posts on your Feed timeline,” said Philip Chua, Head of Public Policy, Instagram Asia Pacific, in a statement, Thursday (27/5/2021).

“More than that, you can also specify when you want to hide the number of likes shown on a particular post so that other users can’t see the number of likes you get. That way, you can focus more on the quality of the photos and videos shared than the number of likes. obtained, “he added.

Instagram and Facebook users can now hide the numbers of likes
Hide Instagram Likes. Photo: Instagram

Users can hide the number of likes by visiting the ‘Posts’ section in Privacy Settings. This setting applies to all posts on the timeline on your Instagram Feed, so you won’t see the number of likes other users get.

Hide Instagram LikesHide Instagram Likes. Photo: Instagram

In addition, users can also choose to hide the number of likes before posting content. Users can enable or disable this setting, even after posting content. Apart from Instagram, Facebook will also have a similar feature.

“Instagram understands that users want more flexibility when it comes to setting the number of likes on their posts, so the company presents that option. In the next few weeks, you will start to see these two settings also available on Facebook,” he explained.


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