Instagram is preparing Monetization feature for Content Creators

Instagram is preparing Monetization feature for Content Creators

Instagram is reportedly preparing a feature that can make creators earn money from the content they create. By providing the concept of subscribing to the content they upload later.

The existence of this feature aims to make creators profit from their content works, later creators will create content that requires viewers to make payments with a subscription system.

Then, the subscription fee on Instagram will be available starting from US $ 0.99 which is equal to Rp. 14 thousand to US $ 4.99 which is equal to Rp. 71 thousand. By paying this nominal, it aims to be able to support favorite creators on Instagram by subscribing to get updates or exclusive content from these creators.

The news about this feature was detected by Sensor Tower and Apptopia where the feature is known to have started to be tested on the Instagram application for the iOS operating system.

In July, there was news that Instagram was also preparing a feature called Instagram Exclusive Stories that might be part of the subscription system for users.

Because Instagram Exclusive stories is a feature that content creators can use to earn income. By using this feature, content creators can require their followers to spend money to access the content.

It could be that what is being discussed at this time is the feature, because Sensor Tower and Apptopia, do not provide information regarding the name of the feature that is already in a trial period on iOS.

Because later based on a leak from Paluzzi, that even though we have paid to be able to enjoy the content provided, we cannot take screenshots of the content. However, content creators can save their stories through highlights, so that exclusive content can still be enjoyed by followers who have just joined.

So far, several social media platforms have provided subscription systems. Nowadays other apps like YouTube to Twitter also have their own subscription features that allow users to pay a certain amount of money per month to get exclusive content from their favorite creators.

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