Instagram Now Allows Posting Content from Browser

Instagram Now Allows Posting Content from Browser

In order to stay relevant, Instagram has made some big strides recently. Many new features have been added to the social media app, including something called Colabs, two new Reels effects, and even the long-awaited option to share content directly from the browser.

New Collabs and Reels effects

Collabs on Instagram (already launched) is a new feature that allows two accounts to take ownership of a post at the same time. The post will then effectively appear to the user’s second group of followers. You can also do collaborative Instagram Reel which will make you miss it, of course.

Speaking of Reels, it also gets some new additions in the form of two effects called Dynamic Lyrics and Superbeat. Both effects are examples of copy-paste tactics, as they are very similar to what TikTok offers on its own platform.

Instagram Now Allows Posting Content from Browser

Using Dynamic Lyric or Superbeat Lyrics, you’ll get auto-generated text and visuals to follow your Reel. Basically, it makes it easier and faster for content creators to put out that fresh content on a regular basis.

Post on Instagram via browser

Of all the new features Instagram has added, the ability to post content via the browser is probably the most important. Many users have been asking the social media giant for years to let them share posts via the web version of the app.

Instagram Now Allows Posting Content from Browser

Companies and professionals who do business on Instagram will likely benefit the most from the ability to post via the browser. Many of them use desktop apps in their workflows to edit their content before sharing it.

The difference is that now content doesn’t have to be transferred to a phone or tablet before being shared.

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