iOS 15.1 Hacked, Jailbreaking will be available soon

iOS 15.1 Hacked, Jailbreaking will be available soon

Evidence of jailbreaking of the iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 15.1 has surfaced online. This is reported by iDownloadBlog.

According to the source, the hacker realBrightiup posted a screenshot on his Twitter account. It looks like this:


The image shows the identifier of the “experimental” device – this is the iPhone 13.4, that is, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. In addition, you can see the build number of the operating system that was attacked: this is iOS 15.1 with build number 19B74. That is, exactly the OS that Apple distributes to all compatible iPhones and iPads at the present time.

The most important thing that this screenshot makes clear is that the realBrightiup hacker is testing an exploit that successfully unlocks the ability to write to kernel memory. In theory, this process makes it possible to download and execute arbitrary code on a smartphone – in other words, it opens up the possibility of jailbreak and malicious hacking. However, not all so simple.

At this stage, the demonstrated exploit cannot provide the ability to jailbreak or steal information. To fully use it, it must successfully launch from the sandbox of the installed application. Whether realBrightiup can do this is still unknown. At the moment, only one thing can be unambiguously stated: hackers are slowly but surely exploring ways to “get close” to the core of iOS 15, and now another step has been overcome on the way to the goal.

By the way, things are not going well in the jailbreak community. We’ve previously covered two of the most recent jailbreak utilities, and none of them work on iOS 15.

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