IOS security updates will be released separately from the main ones like Android

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The fourth beta of iOS 14.5 is released today, which contains some hidden changes in the code. It looks like Apple will soon start releasing iOS security updates separately from major system updates.


Apple has always released iOS updates on a clear plan. Users may not install available updates, but then they will not protect themselves from vulnerabilities. There is currently no way to update the security system without fully installing the entire update.

There is now a new section in the iOS update menu. She points out that security updates for the iPhone and iPad will now be released separately from the main ones. You can install only security updates if you want.

So far, little is known about the change. In macOS, for example, this feature is already available. If you have an older Mac like macOS Mojave, you can separately install security updates with bug fixes. You don’t need to install the latest available version of macOS.


The iOS 14.5 code also says that you will need to uninstall old ones before installing iOS updates. It is unknown exactly how Apple implements this feature. It is possible that security updates for iOS 14 will be released separately even after the release of iOS 15. Users will not be able to update to the latest available version of the system, but at the same time protect themselves from bugs.

Last week Apple released iOS 14.4.1 with security fixes. Such updates may be released separately from major iOS updates.


In 2020, there were rumors that Apple was working on a new method to restore iOS over the internet. However, nothing is known about this feature so far, and it is unlikely that it will appear soon.