iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Designs Are More Like Android Phones

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Designs Are More Like Android Phones

The tallest iPhone series that will launch next year is predicted to carry a different design than iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. No longer embracing the notch or bangs design, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will appear with a screen punch hole or a camera hole similar to the latest Android cellphone at this time.

Since the iPhone X, the latest iPhone series has more or less the same design, especially on the front. On iPhone 13 Series, Apple did reduce the size of its notch. But still, the technology giant from Cupertino seems to have no intention of giving a different design to its newest iPhone lineup.

Reported by The Elec, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will come with more screens fullscreen compared to the previous series. Both iPhones will feature a screen design with a camera hole in the style of Android phones that are currently circulating.

The iPhone 14 Pro has a 6.06-inch screen, while the Pro Max has a larger 6.7-inch screen. Both use LG-made LTPO OLED panels with support refresh rate 120Hz.

The camera hole on both iPhones houses a 48MP selfie camera. Unfortunately, it is not known the sensor used and the features embedded in it.

While the other two iPhone series, still adhere to the notch design or bangs like the standard iPhone 13. Reported Telset on Monday (12/13/2021), the standard iPhone 14 has a 6.06-inch screen and another iPhone series whose name is still mysterious, is equipped with a 6.7-inch screen.

Both of these low-priced iPhones use screen panels made by BOE. It is not known whether the screen panel is of the LTPO type and already supports it refresh rate 120Hz or not.

Apart from overhauling iPhone 14 design, now the latest generation iPhone will come with a choice of 2TB memory which is much more spacious than before. It is strongly suspected that the Pro and Pro Max series will be equipped with 2TB of memory.

The 2TB of memory used by this latest iPhone is likely related to the latest camera features of the iPhone 14. Apple will most likely bring a new camera feature that supports high-resolution video recording. Well, we are waiting for the next update, okay! (MF)

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