iPhone SE Plus: what we know about the big iPhone SE

In 2019, the first rumors surfaced that the iPhone SE would return, and more than one would return. That there will be two, small and large. They were supposed to replace the popular, but every day more and more hopelessly outdated iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Aggressively low price, latest components, familiar appearance – conservative but in demand. In early 2020, this could very well have worked. The release of the big SE was postponed to the spring of 2021, to March or April. iPhone SE Plus more eagerly awaited than the iPhone 12 mini. It has already been invented, even in several versions. We decided how much it should cost. We decided what to call him. March ends, almost April. Is it time?

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Think it’s iPhone 11? No, it could be iPhone SE Plus

The feeling that a big SE is about to be announced is somehow not. However, in the old days, Apple kept secret, until the very presentation, even new items that changed the world beyond recognition (iPhone, iPad, the first iMac). There were no premonitions before their presentations either. Many did not believe in the release of the second generation iPhone SE. But on Wednesday April 15, 2020, with a press release, the 2020 iPhone SE would be unveiled. Will this happen again on, say, Wednesday April 14, 2021? Will the iPhone SE Plus be unveiled on this day?

IPhone SE Plus processor

Putting the same hardware used in the iPhone SE 2 into the iPhone 8 Plus with the Apple A13 Bionic System-on-Chip couldn’t be easier. It’s cheap and cheerful. LCD display with a diagonal of 5.5 inches, a physical Home button, a larger and more powerful battery. Even if the production lines that made the iPhone 8 Plus cases have already been disassembled, rebuilding them is much cheaper than starting to manufacture something new from scratch.

But if you believe the same analyst Min Chi Ko, Apple came to the conclusion that this design “will not fly.” The demand for it will not be able to justify even the modest costs of its simplified development. From what facts they made such a conclusion is unknown.

What will be the iPhone SE Plus

Apple will clearly want to use the form factor and price of the most popular iPhone

Instead of the modern chipset (Apple A13 or Apple A14) in the iPhone 8 Plus, the next generation iPhone SE has chosen a different concept. Apple sales analysts do not mind it, and the new SE is being developed within its framework. Display – LCD, Liquid Retina, with all modern gizmos (True Tone, HDR and the like), with a diagonal of 6.1 inch… Full frontal screen. Biometric authentication using Touch ID, due to the lack of a physical Home button, the fingerprint sensor is combined with the lock button. Like iPad Air 4. MagSafe, modern system-on-a-chip and all.

I would buy such an iPhone tomorrow, would you?

On April 14, 2021, this product cannot be announced because the iPhone 11, which would have to be discontinued after its announcement, is selling well. It is the world’s best-selling smartphone. And accordingly, the best-selling iPhone, which is highly praised in our chat in Telegram. With the iPhone SE 2, it is also not entirely clear. Not from Apple, but from decent sources it is known that the iPhone SE is supposed to be updated no more than once every two years. If they are updated every year, they will not be able to keep their prices low. The current SE has not yet lived on the shelves of its due date.

And there is nothing to say about the iPhone 12. The iPhone SE Plus based on the iPhone 11, if launched now and offered for $ 499 (tax excluded) for the 64GB model, would turn the iPhone lineup into a branch of a madhouse. Apple won’t do it. But that’s not all: experts say that the cost of the device described above will be too high. A $ 499 price tag is not possible. Unless selling the big SE at a loss.

When iPhone SE Plus comes out

Likely Wednesday April 14th big SE will not work… Neither the iPhone 8 Plus nor the iPhone 11 / iPhone XR. It seems to me that a 5.5-inch LCD screen, low price and a physical home button would make this model a bestseller, especially if instead of the Apple A13 it used the Apple A14 (as in the iPad Air 4 and iPhone 12). But this option is unlikely. The iPhone 11 / iPhone XR variant will not be released at the moment for a number of reasons. It will come out in March-April 2022 and will be called iPhone SE 3.