Is TikTok Parent ByteDance Working on a Clubhouse-Like App?

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Bytedance is reportedly working on a Clubhouse-like app in China. Sources who know this say, if the digital company that owns TikTok is inspired by the global success of the audio chat service based in the United States.

However, the plan to develop this application is still in its early stages, but it is hoped that a Bytedance-style Clubhouse-like application will have distinctive characteristics, and will accommodate government sensors and supervision.

Although it was blocked on Monday (8/2) because the Clubhouse was allegedly used by Chinese netizens to talk about forbidden topics, the charm of Clubhouse in Panda Country has recently been undeniable.

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And actually the concept of an application that sells audio chats is nothing new in China, previously the Zhiya Lizhi Inc application, which was present in 2013, where users could talk about video games or sing songs, was blocked by the Chinese government in 2019, most likely because of forbidden discussion.

The app requires real name registration, which according to Lizhi CEO Marco Lai they also employ staff to listen to conversations in each room, and use artificial intelligence tools to get rid of unwanted content, such as pornography or politically sensitive issues.

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Lizhi Lai revealed that outside of politics there is a lot of room for audio chat apps in China. Moreover, adults in China do not like to express their views in public. “We have been taught to remain humble since we were young. But with a good approach in China this application can be entertainment, you can invite everyone to have fun, “the company said.

In addition, similar moves have also sprung up in other local digital companies to form Clubhouse-like applications such as Inke Ltd, which is known for its streaming platform which was known to launch Duihuaba this month, which recruits venture capitalists, fashion critics and other celebrities to hold conversations on its platform.

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