Jailbreak Updater allows you to update Taurine jailbreak via Terminal without a computer

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If you have the Taurine jailbreak, then you may have noticed something new in the Odyssey repository. This is a Jailbreak Updater add-on.

The new add-on allows using the Terminal application on iPhone or iPad to update the Taurine jailbreak tool without rebooting.

After installing the add-on on a device with a jailbreak Taurine, you can use the “jbupdate” command in any terminal application, like NewTerm 2 from Chariz repository… The command will install the latest available version of the Taurine tool. You no longer have to update your jailbreak via AltStore every time.

This method is very convenient because it does not require access to a computer. On the other hand, sooner or later, the Taurine application will still need to be updated via AltStore. The extension does not update the application itself. If you use it all the time, you will have an outdated application.

Jailbreak Updater supports the new version of Taurine v1.0.3 and will support the Odyssey jailbreak tool in the future.

So far, the feature is aimed at power users, but soon it will be available to everyone in the Configurator app. However, you can already use it if you have a Terminal application.

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