JellyLock Reborn tweak – updated lock screen launcher

JellyLock Reborn tweak – updated lock screen launcher

Remember the JellyLock tweak? It was a popular jailbreak tweak that added an Android-style launcher to the iPhone lock screen.

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The JellyLock tweak has become so popular because quick access to applications from the lock screen is very convenient. Now the lock screen only has camera and flashlight icons, but nothing else. Fortunately, an updated tweak has been released. JellyLock Reborn for newer iOS versions.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the tweak looks like the original one, but is slightly optimized for a modern interface.

A circle appears at the bottom of the lock screen that looks a bit like a joystick. You can drag any application icon out of it to quickly launch it. It’s that simple!

After installing the JellyLock Reborn tweak, a new section with its options will appear in Settings:


Here you can:

  • Enable or disable the JellyLock Reborn tweak.
  • Customize the look of the tweak.
  • Choose which apps are shown in the launcher.
  • Choose shortcut icons.
  • Reset all options to default.
  • Respring to apply changes.

There are also several additional settings sections.



  • Enable or disable background blur.
  • Hide the camera and flashlight icons.
  • Adjust the size of the joystick.
  • Choose the color of the joystick.
  • Choose a color for the outer circle.



In this section, you can select up to five favorite applications to be displayed in the launcher.



  • Choose the icons to be displayed on the left and right:
    • No
    • Lantern
    • Camera
    • Unlocking
    • Start / Pause
    • Sentinel (if installed)

JellyLock Reborn tweak can download from the Packix repository.It works on devices with iOS 14.

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