It seems that it was known to everyone that the iconic character Kratos from Sony’s exclusive franchise God of War will come to the season 5 of the battle royale game Fornite Chapter 2 .

Kratos Now Available in Fortnite : Exclusive Character and Weapon Skins With Emotes

This information spread faster due to Sony’s negligence while promoting the content via the Playstation Store yesterday, earlier than the official trailer which was actually effective would be a surprise. There are many questions, of course, around Kratos’s presence there considering that Fortnite it is a multiplatform game. Now the mystery is finally revealed!

Kratos finally officially arrives at Fortnite as a character skin that gamers can glance at. You can get the basic version or the Oathbreaker Set version which also includes the Guardian Shield Glider, Mimir Back Bling, and also the Leviathan Ax Pickaxe with a special emote integrated in it. Which are interesting? This skin is not exclusive to the Playstation. All cross-platform Fortnite gamers will be able to use this Kratos skin without exception. So like the previous skins, “Kratos” also supports emote feature, which makes this God of War able to dance even with Pokimane emotes.

The Kratos skin itself is available in all versions of Fortnite, which currently can be played on the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Android, and of course – PC. What do you think about this collaboration? Something catches your eye?