Latest Apple Pencil Leaks on the Internet

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The appearance and shape of the third-generation Apple Pencil to be released by Apple were rumored to be leaked on the internet. The shape and appearance of the Apple Pencil 3 was first leaked by a Twitter account called “Mr White”.

Latest Apple Pencil Leaks On The Internet.jpg

The leak from Mr. White shows the shape of the Apple Pencil that is not too different from the previous generation. But compared to previous versions, the latest generation of Apple Pencil is likely to be shorter.

The white color of the Apple Pencil 3 will be shinier, similar to the white on the AirPods. According to Mr. White, this will be very useful and helpful for iPad users. Finally, the pencil tip design of the Apple Pencil 3 will be wider than before.

Apple is trying to take advantage of these statistics with a new iPad that supports Apple Pencil. Apple originally introduced the Pencil stylus nearly two years ago, but it only worked on the more expensive iPad Pro model sold separately for $ 99.

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Previously, Apple was reportedly developing the latest innovations for the Apple Pencil. Based on the recently discovered patents, Apple seems to be planning a display in the Apple Pencil.

Later, this screen will display information to the user such as drawing tools used during activities, so that users know what they are doing and are less prone to errors.

Hopefully this can also be used to display information such as battery level. By pinning the screen, there is a possibility that the device will become more and more expensive. Prices that are getting higher may create new challenges for Apple to be able to attract buyers. Apple Pencil originally worked on the iPad, so this would mark a change in innovation for Apple.

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