Leakers pissed off Samsung. Samsung went on attack mode

Leakers pissed off Samsung. Samsung went on attack mode

Samsung began sending known insiders requests to remove photos of future devices under the pretext of copyright. This is reported by foreign media, for example, AndroidAutority and MyDrivers.

Samsung appears to have considered the early leaks of its products to be damaging it financially or reputationally as the company launched a massive war on insiders. Many well-known analysts have received letters and messages from Koreans demanding to remove from their social media pages all visual materials that contain future Samsung devices.

The insiders themselves clarify that the company is pursuing the primary sources of the leaks, but has not yet touched the major media outlets, which simply reprint this information. Well-known insiders such as Evan Blass and Max Jambore have already announced that they will remove images of Samsung devices from their pages in the next few days – such a speed of reaction indicates the seriousness of the Korean company.

By the way, the suppliers of spare parts for the company also received appropriate warnings – it is obvious that the Koreans intend to stop leaks from the very beginning. Samsung itself has not yet responded to media inquiries about the fight against insiders.

Earlier, Apple also announced that it will actively fight information leaks.

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