Lenovo Will Release the First Snapdragon 895 Phone

Lenovo Will Release the First Snapdragon 895 Phone

As previously reported, it is rumored that Qualcomm will launch its latest flagship chipset called Snapdragon 895. It is also said that this chipset will debut in Q4 this year. Regarding the presence of this new flagship chipset made by Qualcomm, there is a lot of speculation that predicts what brand smartphone will be the first cellphone to use this Snapdragon 895.


Based on previously widely heard rumors, it is rumored that the first smartphone to support Snapdragon 895 could be Samsung or Xiaomi. But now, news is blowing that both are not the right answer, but the Lenovo smartphone will be the first phone. This news was announced directly by Chen Jin, General Manager of the Lenovo Smartphone Business Department in China via the Weibo page.

If what Chen Jin said is true, then this is the first time that Lenovo has pioneered the first smartphone powered by Qualcomm’s latest chipset. Launching from Gizchina, Lenovo was the first to use Snapdragon 855.

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But of course, the news regarding who gets the mandate to try out the latest Qualcomm chipset is still a mess. Therefore, it is better for us to wait for the next update from various smartphones.

So, what are the advantages of the Snapdragon 895 itself? According to previous leaks, the Snapdragon 895 is said to have a stronger 5G baseband. In addition, this flagship chipset from Qualcomm will support millimeter wave or Sub-6GHz 5G networks. ISP technology will also be upgraded from Spectra 580 to Spectra 680, and the FastConnect 6900 subsystem will support Bluetooth LE Audio/5.2 and Wi-Fi 6E.

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