Linux can now be installed on a PC as a windows application

Linux can now be installed on a PC as a windows application

Last year, Microsoft allowed Linux to be installed on Windows 10, but it took some action. Not very difficult, but not everyone could cope with it (you had to run the command line, enter a special command and select the desired assembly and various optional components).

Now it’s as easy as shelling pears to install the Linux subsystem in Windows 10 and Windows 11 – this operating system released as a regular application that is available in the Microsoft store. It goes without saying it’s free.

Like any other Microsoft Store application, Windows Subsystem for Linux can update automatically on user computers as updates are released. Thus, the user does not need to download updates on his own, the latest version of the Linux subsystem will always be installed on his PC.

An application with the ability to automatically update is useful primarily for IT professionals in organizations with a large number of computers. At the same time, Microsoft will leave the ability to download the Linux subsystem using the command line, which will please hardcore Linux users.


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