Linux is still the Most Secure Operating System compared to Windows and macOS

New research from Google Project Zero found that the Linux platform is a much more secure Operating System than Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

The higher rating is not because Linux is completely secure. Instead, it’s because the developers who maintain the platform are working hard to fix security vulnerabilities that arise.

Many people have also encountered security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in Linux. However, that doesn’t mean the platform isn’t safe for everyday use.

Google’s Project Zero has published new research showing that Linux developers are faster than others at fixing security flaws.

Surprisingly, developers are working to maintain Linux faster than Google’s own internal team. The Project Zero team studied the vulnerabilities reported between January 2019 and December 2021.

They found that open-source programmers fix Linux problems in just 25 days on average. In addition, Linux developers are constantly patching emerging security flaws.

Back in 2019, it became known that the developers patched the flaws within a month. But now, they often complete bug fixes within two weeks.

During the same period, it took Apple about 69 days, Google 44 days, and Mozilla about 46 days to fix the bug.

Windows is currently the most popular operating system for home and office use. However, the average time it takes Microsoft to fix a security vulnerability is almost 3 months.

The report also analyzes the time it takes developers to fix security vulnerabilities in mobile operating systems. Despite facing more security threats, Apple’s iOS releases patches faster than Google’s Android.

Project Zero is a team of Google security researchers who look for vulnerabilities across multiple platforms. When the team finds a vulnerability, it gives developers 90 days to fix the security issue.

Researchers working on the team say that overall, all companies are getting better and faster at fixing bugs.

Linux is said to be more secure than other operating systems, because it has developers from all over the world to review its code and make sure there are no bugs and back doors.

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