Lockdown is a free open source firewall for Mac

Lockdown is a free open source firewall for Mac

Open source firewall for iOS called Lockdown now available on Mac as well. Similar to its mobile version, the program blocks all kinds of connections to torrent trackers and other unwanted network resources. Mac users already have some good security software options, so where does Lockdown go?

Lockdown is a free open source firewall for Mac

Blocks everything, not just Safari

Unlike common Safari content blockers, Lockdown (created by an Apple verified developer) blocks connections from any program or service, including Safari, running on a Mac. The app is free to download and use with optional VPN connectivity to enhance privacy. A VPN service hides your IP address, web sessions, and Internet connections from everyone, including your own ISP.

After launching the application from the menu bar, you can activate predefined rules or add your own.

Lockdown is a free open source firewall for Mac

Trust issue

Users quite reasonably want to increase their privacy. But the problem is that when installing certain applications, the trust is simply delegated to another service. Lockdown blocks connections to torrent trackers and the like, but this means the app gets deep access to whatever connection the system makes. Lockdown is unique among firewall applications on iOS, as it performs all the blocking on the device itself, rather than directing traffic to its server, where filtering already occurs. All work happens on your device unless you are using a VPN, which is a potentially important option compared to filters on a third-party server. But how do you know the truth? It is important to do at least a little research to use such products.

Lockdown is a free open source firewall for Mac

Lockdown is a free open source firewall for Mac

Lockdown is an open source application, which is good from a security standpoint. But you need someone you trust to actually check the source code and publish the results.

This was confirmed by former Apple engineers Johnny Lin and Rahul Devon. In a recent blog post, Lin outlined his company’s approach to privacy: “We believe that the people and companies that create privacy products have a special responsibility to keep them open to any other product line. This is why Lockdown is 100% open source, so everyone can see what the application is doing and, more importantly, what it is not doing. ”

Lockdown is a free open source firewall for Mac

I don’t want to highlight Lockdown or cast a shadow over its competitors, I just need to understand how difficult this is.

Little Snitch

Little Snitch 4

Another well-known name in the privacy field for Mac is Little Snitch (review) by Objective Development. This application can monitor all connections of any type with your Mac and will give you notifications when it sees something suspicious. This can make you nervous from the very beginning of using the app due to the many alarms. It’s good that there is a convenient training mode that allows you to get rid of a lot of warnings. However, once you allow your trusted apps and services to work, Little Snitch will go unnoticed unless absolutely necessary.

It is important to note that the Little Snitch app has earned a good reputation over the long, long time of its existence. And the German app developer has also been noted for creating one of the most important Mac apps – launchBar.

Where to download Lockdown for Mac

Price: Free

Download: Lockdown  Mac

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