Loki Character Coming to Fortnite This July

Epic games as the developer of the Fortnite game will again present the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) character, Loki. This character is confirmed to be coming soon to Fortnite, next July. As Epic Games announced, Loki will come with bundles such as the Loki Laufeyson outfit, Cape Back Bling accessory.

Also present are the Scepter Pickaxe wand, Chitauri Chariot Glider, and a loading screen with Loki’s image.

As is known Loki is currently one of the most popular series on the internet. Because, many speculated that the Loki film that aired on the Disney streaming application was a continuation story to the latest generation of Avengers.

Unfortunately, Loki can only be obtained for players who subscribe to the Fortnite Crew. As reported by BGR, if they do not subscribe, then this exclusive character cannot be obtained. Fortnite Crew itself is a monthly service at a rate of 12 US dollars or around Rp. 174,000.

In addition to getting Loki’s character, gamers will also get the opportunity to get free V-Bucks, buy exclusive items using V-bucks, and get this season’s battle pass.

The advantage of the Fortnite Crew subscription service is that the items on offer are truly exclusive. The developer insists, it will never be sold or given to non-Crew members.

Previously, on June 26, Epic Games also presented the Thanos skin, the skin can be obtained in two ways. The first way, players must participate in a mini tournament called Thanos Cup, and is held by Fortnite. This mini tournament will be held on June 21, and has the concept of a duos tournament.

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If you manage to win this Thanos Cup and become a champion, of course there will be interesting items that you will get. These items are Thanos skin, Back Bling, and also Spray.

Interestingly, if there are players who still haven’t gotten the Thanos skin in the mini tournament, Fortnite will give a prize in the form of Thanos Watches Spray.
This item is given to players who have collected 8 points during the Thanos Cup. The second way, players save for now and buy Thanos skin, which will later be available in the Item Shop.

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