Major Truecaller update – call recording and video greeting

Major Truecaller update – call recording and video greeting

The creators of Truecaller have announced the release of a update, which will be the largest in a long time. Once this application helped to make calls and determine who is calling you, but now it has become much more functional.

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New Features:

  • Video greeting – the ability to record a short video that will be shown to people when you call them.
  • Call recording now works even without a paid subscription. This feature is available on Android 5.1 and higher. The recordings are stored locally on the device and are not transferred to a third-party server.
  • Group chats via SMS.
  • Voice notification of an incoming call – the application reports the number and name of the caller.
  • A ghost call is an opportunity to create a fake interlocutor who will “call” you at a certain time. This will avoid an awkward situation (for example, it will be possible to leave the room, ostensibly to answer a call).

The last two features will be available only to owners of paid subscriptions Premium and Gold. An updated version of Truecaller will be available in the Play Store in the coming weeks.

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