Mark Zuckerberg’s Advanced Gloves Can “Touch” Virtual Objects

Mark Zuckerberg's Advanced Gloves Can "Touch" Virtual Objects

Facebook which has now changed its name to Meta, is increasingly ambitious to merge the boundaries of the real world and the virtual world which is often termed the “metaverse”.

Evidently, currently Meta is developing a gloves advanced with technology haptic.

Haptic itself is a technology that applies tactile sensations to human interactions with computers. With haptic, this sophisticated glove allows the wearer to actually touch a virtual object.


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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shows off a prototype the sophisticated gloves via his personal Instagram account.

“Reality Lab Meta team is developing gloves haptic to create a realistic sensation to touch in the metaverse. One day, you’ll be able to feel texture and pressure when you touch a virtual object,” Zuckerberg wrote.

According to reports The Verge, gloves heptic has been developed since seven years ago and is called one of Facebook’s ambitious projects (Meta). This technology was developed after Facebook acquired Oculus VR in 2014.

Glove prototype has about 15 serrated and blown plastic bearings, otherwise known as actuators.

The pads are arranged to fit snugly along the palms, undersides of the fingers, and the tips of the fingers.

Gloves will also be used as a controller of virtual reality (VR). On the back of the hand is a white marking that allows the camera to track finger movements.

Then, there is also an internal sensor that captures the movement of the user’s fingers when bending.

When one uses these advanced gloves in VR and AR (augmented reality), the system will adjust the pressure level, then will make a different pressure in each part of the hand.

If the user touches a virtual object with his fingertip, there will be a sensation as if the object is touching the surface of the skin.

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