Microsoft Paint is back!

Microsoft Paint is back!

Microsoft has partly delivered on a promise it made about four years ago. Initially, she planned to abandon the Paint application, but then, under the onslaught of disgruntled users, she realized that this idea was unsuccessful.

In 2017, Microsoft announced that it would remove Paint from Windows 10, as the operating system has a modern version of this application – Paint 3D. At that time, it seemed to everyone that we were waiting for exclusively three-dimensional interaction with content: users would create 3D graphics, put on mixed reality glasses and look at three-dimensional objects. In practice, this turned out to be of no interest to anyone, and Paint 3D did not become as popular as the usual, classic and very primitive Paint. Now Microsoft, by contrast, plans to remove Paint 3D from Windows 10, moving it to the store, from where it can be downloaded at will.

Back in 2017, the day after the announcement of the upcoming removal of the program from Windows 10, Microsoft announced that Paint would still be available, it could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, moreover, it had to be regularly updated.

Until now, this promise has remained unfulfilled. The Aggiornamenti Lumia website found a page in the Microsoft store where Paint is laid out, but it looks like a “stub” – you cannot download it on computers with release OS builds, although it is indicated that the application is compatible with Windows 10 version 19041.0, released in May 2020.


Lumia updates indicatesthat the “store” version of Paint was installed on a computer running a test build of Windows 10 version 19043. This update is codenamed 21H1 and is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2021.

Microsoft has confirmed the release of a new version of Paint. They announced the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21354 in the Beta Update Dev Channel, indicating that apps are available in the store for this update Paint and Snipping Tool (“Fragment and Sketch” aka “Scissors” for working with screenshots). Both apps have modern Fluent Design icons. Snippet and Sketch can be installed from the store even on older builds of Windows 10.


Build 21354 is part of the 21H2 update branch with a release date planned for the second half of 2021, which means Paint and Snipping Tool may not become publicly available for Windows 10 users this spring, but six months later. However, given the fact that the “Snippet and Sketch” application can already be installed on any computers with Windows 10, it can be assumed that Paint will become available in the store for most users in the coming months.

Classic Paint is not currently included in stable builds of Windows 10, but it can still be installed as an add-on. To do this, run the “Options”, enter the search for “Additional components”, go to the found section and install Paint.

Windows 10

In any case, it is clear that this year Microsoft will deliver on what it promised almost four years ago and make it much easier to install Paint. It is not clear why it was so difficult to obtain such a primitive program and to stretch the problem over several years.

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